Get to know Lauren Jade!


Lauren Jade... Embrace the Alter Ego

Lauren Jade is a chic and stylish brand for Classy, Sassy and Sexy fashionistas! 
Lauren Jade is for the woman that can rock a nice suit and .. the next day rock  a pair of jeans and a tee without missing a beat.
Lauren Jade inspires to be your one-stop shopping destination for chic, contemporary and stylish women's apparel. We also feature stylish and sexy plus-size collections and one of a kind specialized collections such as "All about Business, Glitz n Glam, The Casual Collection and Chic Fitness Wear.

If the shoe fits, buy it and wear it right?...   Lauren Jade features a super chic and  shoe collection for fashionistas that love shoes!

Lauren Jade also specializes in chic women's accessories; including earrings, bracelets and  sunglasses.
Lauren Jade also features a wide array of handbags/purses.We offer free shipping for all standard delivery orders and complimentary gift wrap for all orders!
Lauren Jade's number goal is to embrace and cater to the many dimensions of women for all sizes, from petite to plus size. There are many different layers of a woman, there are times where you wanna feel sexy or you wanna feel sophisticated and classy and then there are times when you wanna look casual and chic!  

About The Founder: Amaya
Amaya established A Diva's Look in 2012. The idea behind naming the store A Diva's Look and our apparel after women was Amaya's idea after a fitting with her family member. Also, it was something original and unique and not being done at the time.
One Of Founder Amaya's goal was to establish a stylish boutique that featured chic, contemporary stylish women's apparel and accessories where women from all walks of life and background can merge, mingle and embrace their alter ego!
Amaya strives continuously to improve the boutique to represent many sides of women. So Lauren Jade was trademarked and born!
We hope you enjoy your " Lauren Jade Experience" and we look forward to interacting with you all!!