Lauren Jade Size Chart Guide




Dresses that Suit Your Body Shape

Pear-Shaped Women - If you are pear-shaped, it means that your hips, bottom, and thighs are heavier than your top half. Both tall and short women can have a pear shape. Pear-shaped women should wear dresses that emphasize their top half, showing off their arms, neck, and bust to take attention away from their larger bottom half. A-line dresses feature flowing skirts that are ideal for pear-shaped women because they de-emphasize the hips, dresses with pleated, gathered, straight-cut skirts should be avoided because they accentuate the hips. V-necklines and embellished necklines are perfect for pear-shaped women because they emphasize the top half of your body. 

Apple-Shaped Women
 - If your upper body and mid-section are larger than the rest of your body, you have an apple shape. Dresses for apple-shaped women should take attention away from the stomach and upper body. Empire dresses are a great choice for apple-shaped women because they have a waistline that is above the natural waistline, hence providing a slimming effect. 
Apple-shaped women should avoid dresses made of fabrics that cling or hang. Just because you have a large mid-section doesn't mean you can't be fashionable! You don't have to wear clothing that is loose and baggy to hide your waist. Just take attention away from that area with dresses that accentuate other aspects of your figure. 

Dresses for Hourglass-Shaped Women
 - If you have full hips, a full bust and a small waist, chances are that you have an hourglass figure. Luckily, most styles of dresses are flattering for hourglass-shaped women but your best bet would be to find dresses that deliberately accentuate your curves and femininity. A-line dresses flatter the hips while v-necklines accentuate the bust, giving it a larger appearance. The only type of dresses that hourglass-shaped should avoid are straight gowns. Straight gowns are only fit for tall and slim women. 

Dresses for Tall and Slim Women
 - If you are a tall and slim woman, you probably aren't too curvy and have a small bust. Your bust, hips and waist are probably the same width, meaning that you should wear dresses that accentuate the little curves you do have, such as a gown that hugs your body. Dresses with over sized sleeves and shoulders and dresses with decorative accents on the waistline are ideal for tall, slender women because they add more shape and dimension to your figure. 

Dresses for Big-Busted and Small-Busted Women
 - Big-busted women need to wear dresses that support the bust while taking attention away from it. Halter dresses help to flatten the appearance of your bust without revealing too much of your cleavage, dresses that have beading or some other decorative accent on the hemline are great for taking attention away from your bust. Dresses with thick straps and corset-like bodices are ideal for big-busted women because they provide more support. Spaghetti strap dresses should be avoided because they offer little support. 

Small-busted women should wear dresses that give the illusion of a larger bust. Ruffles, embroidery, beads, and other accents in the bust area of dresses do just that. Necklines that sit at the shoulder can also help to give your bust a fuller appearance.





*The following size chart should only be used as a general guideline!
We carry products from different manufacturers and designers, each brand has its own size guidelines.

Size Chart (inches)
Bust Waist Hip
XS 30.5-32 23-24 33-34
S 32-34 25-26 35-36
M 34-36 27-28 37-38
L 36-38 29-30 39-40
XL 39-41 31-32 41-42

*The following size chart should only be used as a general guideline!
We carry products from different manufacturers and designers, each brand has its own size guidelines.

Sizing Guide    -------- 1X --------         -------- 2 X --------         -------- 3 X --------

U.S. Sizes         14W        16W         18W          20W         22W         24W
Bust (inches)        40            42            44            46            48             50    
Waist (inches)      31            33            35            37            39.5          42
Hip (inches)          42            44            46            48            50.5          53
Inseam (inches)    31.5       31.75          32          32.25         32.5        32.75